Knowledge Management

Strategies for knowledge management or in other words systematic capturing, storing, creating, sharing and applying knowledge should always be aligned to improving productivity, relationships and quality of products and services. Institutions engaged with Veterinary research, education and services in India are increasingly earmarking resources to make this happen.

At Vet Helpline India, we help in knowledge management and provide the following services targeted exclusively for veterinarians and institutions related to animal health and husbandry:


  • Digital publication of books, journals, workshop proceedings, reports, documented case studies and field practices.

Devices upon which we read e-books—digital e-readers, tablet computers, smartphones, etc. — bring with them the advantages of being convenient, portable, cost-effective and easy-to-use. In late 2011, Amazon announced that their e-book sales had overtaken their sales of paperbacks and hardcover books combined. At Vet Helpline India, we help you to conceptualize projects, develop and edit content, finalize design architecture, register for ISBN/ISSN and actual publication. We also provide assistance to link published kindle and /or paperback version of publications to online book stores.

  • Mobile application development

A mobile application has the potential to transform veterinary education, service and extension. A large number of applications are now commercially available worldwide which are particularly useful to veterinarians, veterinary students, client of pet clinics and livestock farmers etc. At Vet Helpline India we help you to conceptualize ideas and design your own applications that are tailored primarily to Indian / South Asian context.

  • Administration of e-learning courses.

Promotion of e-learning courses for continuous veterinary medical education and skill / knowledge up-gradation of various professionals within livestock value chain has emerged as a potential means to augment human resource development. At Vet Helpline India, we assist professional bodies, vocational training institute and reputed individuals in planning, designing and administration of e-courses.

  • Coordination of virtual class room

Numbers of online resources are available to provide synchronous distance education through virtual classrooms. This means that the teacher and students are logged into the virtual learning environment at the same time. Organizations and individuals are increasingly using these resources even for providing occasional short term standalone training. However, quality of professional endeavours depends greatly on selection of need based platforms and effort of a coordinator with technical domain knowledge. At Vet Helpline India, we help organizations / individual training providers in the field of animal health and husbandry to plan, choose appropriate platform and offer lectures / trainings through virtual classrooms.

  • Social video development

Use of multiple media channels (beyond TV advertisement) to reach and engage audience wherever they’re watching and sharing videos is an emerging trend. Short, creatively designed videos meant for sharing in various social networking sites or ‘social videos’ can emotionally engage viewers. There are ample scopes to produce short social videos to promote veterinary profession, preventive animal health care initiatives, animal welfare, one-health, food safety, promotion of livestock product consumption etc.  At Vet Helpline India, we help you develop creative social videos with desired messages.

  • Social Media Engagement

Large number of veterinarians and related professionals are now a days active in social media and online social networking sites. Similarly online ‘community of practice’ focusing on animal health and husbandry are also emerging. Social media is increasingly being used for public participation in scientific research. Research projects using volunteers (citizen science) can use social media to enhance their recruitment. At Vet Helpline India, we  maintain  dedicated pages in social media to disseminate, news, views, technical information with an aim to help in creating environment of shared opportunity and positive opinions for veterinarians and livestock farmers.  We help veterinary and related organizations undertake campaigns, develop and manage community of practice, conduct research using social media etc.





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