Animal welfare through the lenses of religious faiths in India

Animal welfare and religion has been a subject of discussion since long. With growing importance of animal welfare, in recent years there are organized efforts to scientifically document knowledge gleaned from religious texts so as to initiate inter-community dialogue. For example, Harvard Law School is implementing Animals, Law, and Religion (ALR) project. The Harvard project is an inter-disciplinary and comparative project that works at the interface of religious laws and practices and animal welfare and rights.

Religion can immensely impact upon attitudes towards animal welfare, hampering or advancing the cause.

Commemorating with the celebration of World Animal Day -4th October’2015, Vet Helpline India initiated a project “Animal welfare through the lenses of religious faiths in India”. The objective of the project is to encourage research scholars to prepare compiled reports on religious views on Animal Welfare. The focus will be primarily on various faiths prevalent in India.

The reports on various faiths will be published online from time to time as freely downloadable compiled reports.
The reports are intended for use of animal welfare organizations so that they can initiate dialogue and engage with religious institutions.

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Click the  following link to download the first in the series: Islam and Animal Welfare