About Us

Organizational Profile: Vet Helpline India Pvt Ltd is a 17 year old development consulting company. The company helps organizations conduct studies and implement development projects linked to animal health care, animal welfare, livestock development, food safety and public health.

We are trying to address the development management related challenges in the field of veterinary service delivery and livestock development through multi-disciplinary team building. As an organic organization, targeting only a niche segment of development consultancy, our venture has given a virtual platform to agriculture, social science, communication, information technology, human health, environment and food sector experts to contribute beyond their organizational boundaries. This has helped the sharing of the experts’ hitherto hidden perspective and institutional knowledge. Private institutions facilitating multidisciplinary team building are unique in the field of veterinary and livestock development in India as traditionally, institutions within the sector are largely confined to services of veterinary experts only. There is also limited general recognition at field level of the need to engage with stakeholders beyond veterinary profession for effective disease risk-management and communication focusing on system approach rather than firefighting. Our seventeen years of experience and critical expertise in development planning, M&E, project management, capacity building, animal disease risk management and livestock value chain development is instrumental in facilitating new team building with every funded projects and bringing out the best out of our team. Our focus is always to excel in fostering collaboration between various stakeholders who may not be accustomed to working together. Our research and development activities related to public policy in veterinary service and livestock sector development acknowledges transdiciplinarity as approach and aims at aptly integrating veterinary science with social science for sustainable development.
The network, experiences and goodwill of last several years have helped us positioning ourselves as a credible and emerging resource point for outsourcing animal health, welfare,  livestock development and public health related action research and development activities.

The key client of the company includes organizations like UNCTAD, IFC of The World Bank Group, ILRI, FAO of UN, GALVmed, Government of Assam, ASCI etc.

The company specializes in ‘Management of Veterinary Services’, ‘Animal Disease Risk Management’,’ Value Chain Analysis ( Farm to Fork )’, ‘Enterprise Development’, ‘Knowledge Management’ and ‘M&E of development projects’. In the year 2003, the company on mission mode (2003-2013) supported establishment of FARMER (an acronym for Fellowship for Agri Resource Management and Entrepreneurship Research) – a north east India focused non-profit network of multidisciplinary professionals.

Registration: The company was incorporated in the year 2000 under Indian companies Act -1956. Our Corporate Identification Number ( CIN )  is : U85200AS2000PTC006298

Click Here to check company master data and filing status at the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

Click following link to download Certificate of Incorporation, Registrar of Companies, Shillong, Meghalaya, India VetHelplineIndia_Certificate_of_Incorporation

Board of Directors: Following are members of company’s Board of Directors:

  • Dr.Miftahul Islam Barbaruah  ( Director Information Number -DIN  of Ministry of Company Affairs, GOI : 00158647)

Dr.Miftahul is a veterinarian and development management consultant by profession.

  • Mr.Mubinul Islam Barbaruah ( Director Information Number -DIN – of Ministry of Company Affairs, GOI : 00158640)

Mr Mubinul is a business man, documentary film maker and wild-life enthusiast.

  • Ms Fateha Haque Barbaruah ( Director Information Number -DIN of Ministry of Company Affairs, GOI : 00158657 )

Ms Fateha is a teacher of English literature and a freelance editor

  • Ms Shahnaz Hussain (Director Information Number -DIN  of Ministry of Company Affairs, GOI : 01789430

Ms Shahnaz is an eminent educationist with specialization in early childhood care.

Technical and managerial capabilities

The company has implemented number of livestock / poultry related value chain studies, capacity development programs, enterprise support programs and projects related to planning, organizational development, monitoring and evaluation of institutions, specific programs / policies related to livestock sector development. Details of key programs and projects implemented by the company are included under corresponding section of this website.

The projects implemented by the company are being funded by national governments, international agencies and private sector enterprises. The company has the track record of managerial competencies needed to network, mobilize resources (including partners), to engage with stakeholders and to communicate with clients / beneficiaries.

Geographical Experience:

As an organization we have geographical experience of implementing projects in three South Asian countries viz. India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The Service Profile:

The service profile of the company can be presented through the following art work.

Vet Helpline India's Service Profile of Vet Helpline India as presented by artist Mr.Rabin Bar ( Copyright: Vet Helpline India Pvt.Ltd.)

The Service Profile of Vet Helpline India as presented by artist Mr.Rabin Bar ( Copyright: Vet Helpline India Pvt.Ltd.)

  • Management of Veterinary Service Delivery

We conduct action researches and work with development agencies, producer companies or cooperatives for Veterinary / Livestock service delivery focusing on institutional development, herd health and community approach of problem solving.

  • Animal Disease Risk Management and Food Safety

We provide consultancy to state and national level agencies in participatory risk assessment, policy analysis and development of communication strategy. We also work with companies, farmer and trader organizations to assist them in Business Continuity Management in the context of disasters and uncertainties.

  • Livestock Value Chain Analysis

We conduct value chain analysis both to suggest ways for value chain up-gradation and to assist government agencies for people centered risk based control of animal diseases.

  • Enterprise, Cluster and Skill development:

We assist government and non-government actors in agro-livestock cluster development, project design, capacity building of enterprises and implementation of designed business development services.

  • Knowledge Management

We assist institutions to conduct in-house training, implement appropriate technologies, publish e-books, mobile applications, social videos, e-learning courses etc. aimed at improving professional competency of animal health workers, animal / organizational productivity and quality of veterinary / livestock services.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of projects

We provide consultancy for monitoring and evaluation of projects and policies primarily focusing at livestock and allied sectors.

ServiceApproach_VetHelplineIndia_001 The core business and years in business The core business of the company is development consultancy focusing on ‘Management of Veterinary Services’, ‘Animal Disease Risk Management’,’ Value Chain Analysis’, ‘Enterprise Development’, ‘Knowledge Management’ and ‘M&E of development projects’. The company was established in the year 2000 and has been active in the field of consultancy for last 17 years.

Employee Profile and policy for ensuring continuity of professional services:

We have only one full time director who is primarily an integrator in contrast to other specialist and generalist working for the company as honorary and retainer consultants. Once considered for a project, we ensure legal agreement with consultants on mutually agreed deliverables with time line and described quality standards of outputs. Review of documented previous personal associations amongst the consultants and a pre assessment of possible group dynamics are some of the factors that are taken into account while forming the team for an assignment. This till date have been ensuring minimum inconvenience due to mid project replacement of consultants. Being a registered limited liability company, the board of directors are responsible to successful execution / continuity of service as per contract.

Membership of industry organizations: We are active member of :

  • Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) – Assam Chapter

Standard policies to ensure quality interaction with clients ( External and Internal ) and outputs:

We represent a small organic organization targeting only a niche segment of development consultancy. Quality of project output and goodwill of our client organizations is our prime asset. Since we operate in a organic mode, there is no written standard policies, procedures, practices to ensure quality interaction with clients and output. As an organization, we generally do not take multiple assignments at the same time and preference is always given for short term, relatively low budget projects. This is primarily due to organic structure and nominal availability of full time administrative support. Scope of innovation ( including testing of new knowledge ), reputation of the  client, geographical spread and impact of the project,  are few crucial elements that determine our selection of projects. Since we are consciously targeting and positioning ourselves as niche consulting firm for short term -low budget projects and timely completion of a project is linked to new opportunities and incentive for entire team, we are very focused on delivering quality and timely output. We do not have any standard social protection practices. However, we do negotiate with external clients for personal security and wellbeing of our consultants when they are required to implement projects in sensitive areas.