Preparation of Departmental Vision cum Roadmap for Development of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sector in the State of Assam, India

In recent years, the Government of India has renewed its XI plan focus of decentralized planning in Agriculture and each state has been entrusted with the huge responsibility of utilizing the earmarked funds through various planned investments (in project mode) as per its own plan and priorities. The government is also restructuring and rationalizing centrally sponsored schemes. Outcome budgeting concepts at the state level linked to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) have been introduced. Having a vision document and work plan based on local priorities with SDG action plan is imperative for line departments within agriculture and allied sectors to augment and ensure appropriate use of resources.

Veterinary services with the mandate of promoting animal health care, animal welfare, public health and livestock production, play the crucial role of protection of health, improvement in nutrition and economic well-being of citizens.

With the above background, the Government of Assam have commissioned Vet Helpline India Pvt Ltd to facilitate a participatory endeavor to review the present status (Where are we now?) and prepare a vision of the animal husbandry and veterinary sector in Assam (Where we want to be in the future?), essentially highlighting the ways or a roadmap (How do we get there?) for the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, Government of Assam in achieving the vision.

Glimpse of activities conducted :

Regional Consultative workshop, Kokrajhar, 4th Nov 2017

Regional Consultative workshop, Bongaigoan, 9th Nov 2017

Regional Consultative workshop, Tezpur, 23rd Nov 2017

Regional Consultative workshop at Jorhat, 24th Nov 2017

Regional Consultative workshop at Nagoan, 27th Nov 2017

Regional Consultative workshop at Halflong, 28th Nov 2017

Regional consultative workshop, Silchar 1st December 2017

Regional Consultative workshop, Guwahati, 19th Jan 2018

Glimpse of village immersion: Lahon Village and Darbar Chapori (Majuli) Dillai Kolia Pahar (Karbi Anglong)

Glimpse of farm visit

Glimpse of state level seminar at Guwahati, 20th Jan 2018

Glimpse of workshop with senior officials of A H and Veterinary Department, Govt. of Assam, 20th Jan 2018

Whats App Group discussion:

To promote sharing of views and ideas, an expert moderated Whats App group was created which could attained a membership of 176. The discussions conducted through Whats App group were documented and analyzed for critical learning. The snapshot of Whats App group discussion was published separately and shared with the group at periodic interval to encourage new participants to take part in discussion.

Download report containing snapshots of discussions:





Submission of draft report to government


Presentation by Vet Helpline India Pvt Ltd during NLM sponsored state level conference for rejuvenation of government livestock, fodder farms and training facilities. 3rd August 2018

Download presentation : RejuvinationofFarmsandTrainingFacility_PPT_3rdAug18

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