Development of Private Sector Poultry (Layer) Enterprises in Golaghat and Jorhat District of Assam

As a part of technical assistance (TA) program, the South Asia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF) of International Finance Corporation (IFC) supported Vet Helpline India Pvt.Ltd to provide consultancy to Assam Livestock and Poultry Corporation Ltd (ALPCo) in undertaking series of activities aimed at development of poultry (Layer) enterprise in the district of Golaghat and Jorhat, Assam, India.

Specific supports provided by Vet Helpline India under the consultancy agreement to assist in enterprise development include:

  • Situational analysis covering identified localities to assist in stakeholder engagement and to develop a framework for capacity building.
  • Documentation of current practices in layer farming and possible benchmarks.
  • Study on “Kalinga Brown” breed of improved local bird and its suitability for small enterprises in the context of project areas.
  • Preparation of a Assamese language  hand book on commercial Poultry Layer Enterprise
  • Rapid analysis of cost of production of egg within the project area Vis a Vis ways to control the same.
  • Preparation of Model Detailed Project Report (DPR) for use of entrepreneurs interested in receiving bank finances.
  • Organization of training programs for 45 select entrepreneurs and 4 Intermediary Service Providers.

Golaghat Government Poultry Farm – a unit of Assam Livestock and Poultry Corporation Ltd played the crucial role in mobilizing resources and in providing assurance for supply of inputs e.g. Kalinga brown pullets and formulated layer feed to project beneficiaries.

As an outcome of the initiative all together 13 trained entrepreneurs applied for bank finances from Assam Gramin Vikas Bank to start small scale poultry layer enterprise within the districts.

As suggested during training programs, seven numbers of entrepreneurs who have received bank finance started their poultry layer enterprise on a cluster mode in a village named ‘Gohain Gaon’ near Golaghat town. The clustering ensured competitive advantage for each of the member farms as far as collective procurement of inputs and marketing of eggs are concerned.

Photo credit: Vet Helpline India Pvt. Ltd.