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‘VetHelpline E-Magazine’  is an open access annual online Indian magazine published by Vet Helpline India Pvt Ltd. Targeted at policy initiators, veterinarians, and animal owners – the magazine focuses on the publication of thought-provoking articles, news items, and helpful information, etc.

The primary focus of the magazine is R2P or ‘Research to People or Policy.’ We do not publish highly technical research papers. Contribution to the magazine is voluntary, and authors are encouraged to update information posted along with their articles any time after publication.

We archive published post/article year wise. Each year represents a volume number. The publication started in the year 2012. However, no post was uploaded during 2014.

Vol-I  ( Achieved article published during the year 2012 )

Vol-II ( Achieved article published during the year 2013 )

Vol-III ( Achieved article published during the year 2015 )

There is no fixed date for publication of contributions within a year, and they are uploaded from time to time, grouped under a given category and tagged appropriately.

Categories of articles for publication:

Animal Welfare, Disaster, and Emerging issues.

Companion, work animal, and wildlife health management.

Disease control strategies ( Including one health initiatives )

Farming, entrepreneurship and enterprise management

Feed and pharmaceuticals

Food safety and public health

Veterinary extension and farm skill development

Livestock development stories

Livestock policies, planning, and projects

Technology and food processing

Veterinary profession and continuing education

Veterinary service delivery and practice management


Prof (Dr) Dharmeswar Das MVSc, PhD, Post Doc ( Nottingham ), MRSH (UK), CBiol, MIBiol (London), FIAAVR,FNAVS

Prof (Dr) Dharmeswar Das
MVSc, Ph.D., Post Doc ( Nottingham ), MRSH (UK), CBiol, MIBiol (London), FIAAVR, FNAVS.








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The technical aspect of submitted articles is reviewed by Vet Helpline India’s panel of editors and other independent reviewers on case to case basis.


Examples for article writing for VetHelpline E-magazine:

The future of the veterinary profession lies in its diversity and the many ways in which members of the profession contribute to society.”

– Dr.Jim Edwards, Former President World Veterinary Association

You can write an article that highlights the emerging role of Veterinarians and the scope of collaborative work with other professions.

Your article should lead to a better understanding of the veterinary profession, complementary knowledge sharing, and intra-institutional collaboration.

Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in Information? 

T.S Eliot, “The Rock” Faber & Faber 1934

 You can write articles on the livestock market, value addition, entrepreneurship development, and policy.

Your article on the above topics should help planners and field development officers to design and implement programs and projects.


It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to the CHANGE

Charles Darwin 

You can write articles on farming related practices, technological options, managerial tools, software, etc. This should help a farmer prepare for the uncertainties and challenges of the new global order.

One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.

Milton Friedman 

You can write articles on success stories and new learning that are linked to implemented policies and programs focusing on livestock sector development.

Submit your contribution through email at info@vethelplineindia.co.in

Guideline for submission of articles:

  • Authors are required to submit a statement in personal letterhead, highlighting the consent  for publication, categories under which to be published ( see above for categories ), timeline of the article ( month and year of writing ) , target audience of the article, key worlds ( for search engine ) and source of images / illustrations etc.
  • The article should be preferably not more than 3000 words. Submission should be in MS word format. Images/illustrations are mandatory.
  • For references ( if any ), please indicate the position of footnotes in the text and list the footnotes separately at the end of the article.
  • The submission of scan copies of the signed copyright form is mandatory. Click the following link to download the form.


Note: Article once published, will remain online as archive content till the same is of relevance and/or throughout the life of the e-magazine. The authors are advised to update their articles on a periodic interval by sending an email request.

Advertisement Policy:

Companies/organizations interested in giving advertisements can work with our consulting editors to develop specific articles targeted at practicing veterinarians/livestock farmers or policy initiators. The articles should focus on ‘core problem’ / opportunity that the product/service of the company / NGO / Agency is addressing to. The article must have sufficient illustrations and identify ‘tag words’ to ensure efficient page displays during an online search. The content, along with product brand/agency advertisement, will remain online for life subject to annual renewal and periodic updating. The page containing article and advertisement will also be marketed through Facebook and Twitter page of the publishing company, e.g., Vet Helpline India Pvt.Ltd.

Write to us at ( info@vethelplineindia.co.in ) for the annual advertisement rate per post with product advertisement or logo of company / NGO / Institution.


The content of each article is the sole expression and opinion of its author and not necessarily that of editor or publisher.  No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied by the publisher’s / editor’s choice to include any of the content in this website. While best efforts have been made in publishing content in this e-magazine, the editor and publisher assume no liabilities of any kind with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents. This magazine is being published on the condition and understanding that information given is merely for reference and must not be taken as having authority of or binding in any way on the authors, editors, and publishers, who do not owe any responsibility for any damage or loss to any person, for the result of any action taken on the basis of information provided.

All disputes are subject to Guwahati, Assam, India jurisdiction only.