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Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR): A silent problem causing infertility in cross-bred cattle

India has a huge livestock population supporting the socio-economics of the majority of the population. The country with a geographic area of 3,287,240 supports 300 million bovines, 65.07 million sheep, 135.2 million goats, and about 10.3 million pigs as

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PPR control in Goat: A guide for animal health service providers

  Introduction: Goat farming has been age old practice in our country. People of Indus Valley civilization (3300–1300 BC) were familiar with goats in addition to other domestic and wild animals of today. In Rigveda goats were mentioned and kept

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Preventive disease control in Sheep and Goat

Following is the detail guideline from leading Indian institutes:

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Importance of livestock market or value chain study for control of Transboundary Animal Diseases in India

Dr Miftahul Islam Barbaruah Transboundary animal diseases (TAD), significance of which often transcends national boundaries can be a cause of national emergencies. Research indicates that 75 percent of infectious agents known to be emerging in human populations are deemed zoonotic.

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