JBF Integrated Care and Resource Centre for Animal Welfare (JIRAW)

Growing public and private demand for range of animal welfare services, sensitization of people in general for compassion to animals, likely continuance of public funding support to NGOs, financial reforms and innovative options for fund raising including recent positive policy changes to augment participation of private sector in animal welfare activities under corporate social responsibility framework etc. indicates immense scope for NGOs to undertake activities in the field of Animal welfare.

The North eastern region of India is known for its bio-diversity, indigenous communities, cultural practices and mostly non vegetarian (including bush-meat related) food habits. This indicates the scope and extent of human animal interaction. Growing urbanization, scarcity of natural resources, destruction of animal habitats and increase vehicular traffic etc. has resulted into more incidence of human animal conflict, animal cruelty and accidental injury etc. Infrastructure for sound Animal welfare support is essential to ensure sustainable development and conservation. Animal Welfare in the region also assumes importance in the context of bringing in compassion in the society as the region regularly suffers from political conflicts and growth of extremism.

JBF (India) Trust is a professional charitable animal welfare organization. The organization commissioned Vet Helpline India Pvt Ltd to cconceptualize and assist in setting up of an integrated care and resource center for animal welfare near Guwahati, Assam.– the gateway to North East India.