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Feed for young dairy animals: An unexplored opportunity

Dr R Gnana Sekar, Technical and Marketing Manager – Dairy Eli Lilly Asia Inc India is targeting to double its milk production by 2020. This requires three important supports i.e feed, breed and management. While we focus on improving breed

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Uncertainties in Indian poultry sector – where do we stand and where we are destined to go

Sudipto Haldar and Dinesh T Bhosale AB Vista South Asia The current position where the Indian poultry industry stands as of now is perhaps in the doldrums. It seems to be an exaggeration considering the still high input of the

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Impacts of Natural calamities on livestock sector and their mitigation strategies

Madhu Suman, Kale V.R., A.K. Tyagi* and Nazam Khan Dairy Cattle Nutrition Division National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, 132 001 (Haryana) “Protecting animals: Protects people; Reduces poverty; Protects food security; Reduces the spread of disease and Protects cultural values” Introduction

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Starting a Dairy Farm in India

Starting a dairy farm in India This post was initially prepared by Late Dr P A Deore. Most of the information about dairy farming for prospective Indian entrepreneur is available in this post. We have added some highly valued tips from experts.

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A suggested model for Veterinary Support Services for dairy farmers

Prof (Dr) Abdul Samad Advisor, Vet ware ( ) and Former Dean, Bombay Veterinary College. Providing support services at the doorstep of the dairy farmers is crucial to sustain the dairy development work. In the absence of such services,

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Role of Livestock and other animals in Disaster Management

Prof (Dr.) RamaKumar, V  Impact of disaster are high on the weaker sections of the community. In many developing countries there are a good number of people who can not earn “a dollar a day” (D.A.D). When developing countries are

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Veterinary medicine and animal keeping in ancients India

By R Somvanshi Abstract Domestication of dogs, buffaloes , elephants, and fowls occurred in India between 6000 and 4500 BC. Strong archaeological evidence is available for existence of an advanced civilization in Mohenjo-daro, Harappa (now in Pakistan) and certain other

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Imperative for integrated development planning in agriculture: the north east india perspective

Dr.Miftahul Islam Barbaruah Differentiation has been the common approach for mankind to understand complex problems. In our country, there has been extensive use of this approach. In order to understand the agriculture related issues deeply and ensure focused action, we

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Livestock Sector Development in Assam

Dr.Miftahul Islam Barbaruah The Sector at a glance: Livestock is the integral part of the mixed-farming system that characterizes agriculture in Assam. Besides contributing to food and crop production, livestock and poultry are as important as savings. For many poor

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