Facilitating private investments for livestock and fishery sector development in Assam

In recent years, there is growth of commercial small to medium scale enterprises within livestock and fishery sector value chains in Assam. However, the growth is limited in comparison to other parts of India. Private investments in livestock and fishery sector

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Postmortem diagnosis and field veterinarians in India

There is a saying that “Postmortem examination is an art of disease diagnosis and the information we get is the message from the dead to the living”. Examination of the dead body by systemic dissection, recording of gross pathological lesions,

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Two cases of awarding psedo-superior breeding buffalo bulls

While delivering a lecture to a batch of educated dairy farmers I showed them a picture of a man, who was 8 feet tall and weighed 350 kg, and asked them if they would agree to marry their daughter or

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Animal Welfare and its scope with special reference to North East India

Animal Welfare and its scope with special reference to North East India Dr.Miftahul Islam Barbaruah As per world organization of Animal Health (OIE), animal welfare means 1)Refer chapter 1.1.1 and Appendix 3.7.1 of Terrestrial Animal Health Code. how an animal

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Problem Tree analysis of veterinary service delivery in India

A problem tree provides an overview of all the known causes and effect to an identified problem. The following diagram was prepared in the context of veterinary service delivery in India. This is a living document and will be updated

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A1-A2 beta casein milk: Is the controversy relevant to India?

( This is an updated version dated 17th April’2016 with answer to some questions from esteemed readers. ) What is the controversy around A1 and A2 β -casein in milk? β- Casein is one of the major proteins in milk of

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PPR control in Goat: A guide for animal health service providers

Introduction: Goat farming has been age old practice in our country. People of Indus Valley civilization (3300–1300 BC) were familiar with goats in addition to other domestic and wild animals of today. In Rigveda goats were mentioned and kept by

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Preventive disease control in Sheep and Goat

Following is the detail guideline from leading Indian institutes:

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Consultants from VHI attends GALVmed sponsored policy workshop in Nairobi, Kenya

Consultants from Vet Helpline India were invited to participate in a policy workshop organized by GALVmed (Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines) in Nairobi, Kenya from June 12-13, 2014. GALVmed is a not-for-profit product development and adoption partnership that seeks

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Vet Helpline India team visits ILRI at Nairobi, Kenya

A team of Vet Helpline India represented by Dr.M.Islam Barbaruah and Dr.Abdul Samad visited ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute) Nairobi, Kenya campus on 17th June’2014 for a discussion on potential partnership opportunities. A series of one to one meetings with

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