Vet Helpline India team visits ILRI at Nairobi, Kenya


A team of Vet Helpline India represented by Dr.M.Islam Barbaruah and Dr.Abdul Samad visited ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute) Nairobi, Kenya campus on 17th June’2014 for a discussion on potential partnership opportunities. A series of one to one meetings with select scientists at ILRI  including those from other campus ( through Skype ) were organized covering topics like livestock market systems, one health, traceability systems and use of communication tools. Representing Dr.Delia Grace, Dr.Alonso Silvia of ILRI’s Food Safety and Zoonoses Program spearheaded the arrangements pertaining to each of the meetings. Dr.Abdul Samad made an elaborate presentation on QR code based technology for health, productivity and traceability in the context of small holders. The team also shared their views with members of institute management committee ( IMC ) of ILRI comprising of Dr.Jimmy Smith, Director General; Dr Iain Wright, Deputy Director General ( Integrated Science ); Dr.Suzanne Bertrand, Deputy Director General ( Bio-sciences ) and Dr.Shirley Tarawali, Assistant Director General ( Institutional Planning and Partnerships). By means of consultation and by engaging in consortium projects, Vet Helpline India can help ILRI improve its links with intermediaries and knowledge users. ILRI is a lead organization of CGIAR Research Program 3.7: More Meat, Milk and Fish by and for the Poor and their exist ample opportunity for partnership under the program. It is to be noted FARMER (Fellowship for Agri Resource Management and Entrepreneurship Research) – A Vet Helpline India supported non-profit program has partnered with ILRI during 2008-2009 to implement a project in Assam (India).  Titled “Knowledge to Action: Enhancing traditional dairy value chain” the project aimed at creating a demand for quality locally produced fresh milk and the capacity to supply it.



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