FARMER (Fellowship for Agri-Resource Management and Entrepreneurship Research)

A review of statistics indicates a wide and glaring socio-economic divide between mainland and states of North eastern region in India. Sixty years of investments in North East India has resulted in a robust network of government and private institutions. However, the region is still experiencing the adaptive challenge of limited local capacity to plan and implement sustainable programs.

In the year 2003, the Vet Helpline India Pvt.Ltd on a mission mode ( 2003 -2013 ) supported establishment of ‘FARMER’ (an acronym for Fellowship for Agri-Resource Management and Entrepreneurship Research) – a north east India focused non profit network of multidisciplinary professionals to address this challenge in agriculture sector and thus contribute to bridging the socio-economic divide.

As an independent non profit entity, FARMER has built the trust amongst its stakeholders and has mobilized resources from national and international donors for various development projects for the benefit of the agriculture sector value chain players. Working in partnership and benefiting other institutions in the agriculture sector simultaneously, the network has given a platform to fellows from all over India to contribute beyond their organizational boundaries. This has helped the sharing of the fellows’ hitherto hidden perspective and institutional knowledge.

Objective of the program:

Functional Area: Project Management

  • To integrate global agricultural and management related knowledge, services in relation to local resources and need of diverse users across agri-livestock value chain.

Functional Area: Networking and Knowledge Management

  • To work for smooth sharing of complementary knowledge embedded in multidisciplinary institutions in the agriculture sector.

Functional Area: Advocacy and welfare

  • To work for sustainable resource use and for the economic and social welfare of communities engaged in agriculture production, processing and trade.

Functional Area: Research & Training

  • To engage in research, training and entrepreneurship development for appropriate management of agricultural trade and food systems.

Some of the important donor funded projects implemented by the network within the states of North east India include:

Strategies and Preparedness for Trade and Globalization in India (Donor: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) / DFID / Ministry of Commerce, Government of India)  Click Here for Details

Knowledge to Action: Enhancing traditional dairy value chain (Donor: DFID, UK and lead partner: International Livestock Research Institute) Click Here for Details

“Scouting, Documentation and Standardization of Bamboo use in Livestock and poultry sector, with special reference to N.E.India (Donor: National Bamboo Mission, GOI through nodal agency: Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre, Guwahati):Click Here for Details.

“Integrated characterization of three cross-border areas of India for the risk assessment and targeted, co-ordinated interventions of HPAI” (Donor: Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Disease Operations (ECTAD), FAO of UN) ( Report FARMER_HPAI2010FAOECTAD(15-8-2010)FINAL

Poultry Value Chain Analysis for Risk based and People centered of HPAI in two recent HPAI affected districts Viz.Jalpaiguri (West Bengal) and Dhubri (Assam) of Eastern India” ( Donor: FAO of UN ) Click Here for Details